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Teens and Adults - Aside from the unmatched training as a combat sport, martial arts and karate is a full body workout that tones, shapes and burns calories.

Many of us grew up watching Bruce Lee and other karate and martial arts celebrities.  For others it may have been Jackie Chan or Jet Li.  While we may not want to really admit it publicly even as we grew older we would pretend we could perform some of those moves just as well if not better than them.  Well, why not let Dragon Center Martial Arts and Karate Academy teach you how to be the take down master?

If you really pay close attention a lot of workout programs have exercises that mimic the martial arts – so why not just get the benefits from the real thing?! And why not do it in a fast paced and tremendously fun schedule of classes.

Teen classes are taught in age appropriate environments with techniques that cater to their level of physical stamina.  Plus defensive moves can teach them to protect themselves in unfortunate altercations, in dating settings and in other social gatherings.  The training is designed to sharpen their critical and logical thinking, while anticipating the moves of those they may encounter.

ADULTS – Come on Down

What do you want to develop today?  Is your answer: self-defense skills, weight loss, muscle conditioning, or become a self-defense warrior? Than we have you covered.  At Dragon Center Martial Arts our complete program includes practical, logical and of course tactical training in punching, jabbing, kicking, using your elbows and knees as weapons, and other techniques.  Action packed, high powered, energy gone wild – these all describe our adult classes. 

We are confident you will obtain the results you are looking for.  It doesn’t matter how many other martial arts or workout programs you have tried – nothing is going to give you that amazing change you are looking for like our holistic martial arts and karate fitness program.  Defend yourself. Defend your loved ones.  Reverse years of sitting on the couch watching workout shows. Gain the confidence, the stamina, the respect and the body you so truly deserve at Dragon Center Martial Arts and Karate Academy.

Our core curriculum is Shorin Ryu Karate – you will learn blocks, strikes, kicks, throws, restraints, chokes, pressure point strikes, stomps, and how to defend yourself against grabs, punches, kicks, weapons and most common street attacks.

That means you will learn real world, real scenario defensive moves, and the use of sticks, swords, knives and other edged weapons in the art of self-defense.  You will also learn the same striking moves used in UFC battles including knee, elbow, punching and kicking moves.  And you will learn the absolute best take down and resistance moves in the martial arts arena.


Our instructors are professionals, many have competed and combined they have decades of hands on learning and training experience. We want you to be the best so we have tapped the very best to train you.  They will work according to your capabilities to help you surpass your goals.  Training is conducted safely and with utmost concern for avoiding injuries.  This team of dedicated and passionate martial arts experts is here to create the new person longing to be unveiled.


We want to challenge you to give our full array of offerings a try by taking advantage of our FREE TRIAL PROGRAM. Get a taste – and more importantly – a feel for what the martial arts can do for you. We would love to show you around the academy and answer all of your questions.  Our staff is waiting to arrange your visit, give us a call at 253-952-3656.

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