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Martial Arts for Kids – Should it Really Be This Much Fun and Rewarding?

Little bodies and growing bodies need effective conditioning.  Dragon Center Martial Arts & Karate Academy recognizes that.  We also recognize that kids learn faster when they enjoy what they are doing.  So we combine the two needs for a schedule of kids’ classes that help them achieve significant physical goals in an environment where fun leads the way.

Our professional instructors get personally involved in motivating, training and encouraging each and every student in every part of the process.  They are educators concerned with how your kids learn and what they learn.  We want to make sure your kids become successful students academically and become part of the Dragon Center family.

Our Children’s Martial Arts Program is open to kids as young as four.  We welcome beginners and those who may have had previous martial arts training.  There is a program at Dragon Center Martial Arts & Karate Academy just right for them.   Believe us they will never come home and say class was boring, instead they will excitedly tell you about the striking procedures they learn. They will get a kick out of showing you the myriad of kicks they learned (and teaching you how to do them as well).  You and their teachers will notice increased confidence and an increased sense of responsibility.  These are the types of characteristics that are partnered with the physical regime.

 Class sizes are comfortable and coordinated according to age group.  Kids learn in class with their peers and our taught the principles of thoughtfulness and cooperation.  In this setting the learning is more productive and you didn’t hear it from us, but it is also a whole lot of fun!


We also provide many social activities such as, movie nights, parent’s night out, holiday parties and so much more.  We do this to provide children with a supervised opportunity to hone in on their socializing skills and develop long-lasting friendships.

Your kids deserve a safe and fun place to learn self-defense, to earn their belts as they progress, to become and maintain physical fitness, to develop their character – Dragon Center Martial Arts and Karate Academy is that place.  Stop by and allow us to show them around the academy and while you’re visiting enroll in our FREE TRIAL PROGRAM.  Oh and be sure to speak with us about after school and school break programs; and be sure to talk to us about our workshops on bullying and kid  safety.  Give us a call and let the fun begin - 253-952-3656.


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